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Hi, I'm your typical 35 year old guy.  I go to the gym (not as often as I would like), love sports, and don't like to do my laundry. If someone walked up to me and asked, "Scott what's the probability that you start a blog about men's take on beauty, attraction, and trying on different eyeliners?" I would have said it was equal to winning the lotto or being Drew Barrymore's next love interest. After opening my mouth at a company meeting at, my blog has started.
And yes, I did include a picture of me with my wonderful fiancé as a blatant attempt at keeping everything kosher at home while writing about men's thoughts on beauty products and attraction.
So, I decided to start with low hanging fruit and something I know very well, what turns a man's head when a woman walks down the street.

1. Men are More Interested than You Think

Social Psychologist have consistently shown that women underestimate how often men are attracted to them and inversely men overestimate how often women are attracted to them.  The bottom line is even if you don't think he's interested in you, there's a good shot that he really is attracted to you.

2. Walk with Confidence

From a man's perspective, there's nothing more attractive than a woman who stands tall, keeps her shoulders back, and saunters by like she owns the world.  It doesn't matter if your carrying a few extra pounds or not as young as you use to be.  Walking with confidence will bring eyes your way.

3. Smile & Make Eye Contact (but not for too long)

Have you ever had one of those moments when you accidentally catch someones eye and keep it for a bit to long, then smile and look away?  That's what I'm talking about here.  There's something special when you make a connection like that.  If you can recreate it, you'll be in his head all day long.

4. Dress for a Niche

Jocks, nerds, hipsters, business men, exc...there are all types of guys.  And even within types of guys, it isn't consistent what types of women that we find attractive.  Women who some of my friends find attractive, don't do it for me.  If you want to turn a certain guys head, you'll have to dress in a way that will catch his eye.  But most importantly, just dress for yourself, some guys will find you beautiful some won't.  Just think of it as a way of sifting out unwanted suitors.  Men are attracted to different things.   

5. Have Fun

Finally, along with be confident and smile.  Enjoy life.  Someone who is enjoying life will always get a man's attention.  

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  • September 30, 2015
  • scott hastings
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