Arctic Omega 1000 mg, Lemon Flavor - 180 Soft Gels by Nordic Naturals

$ 36.93

Nordic Naturals’ Arctic Omega Lemon is an effective nutritional supplement designed to help you maintain healthy levels of omega-3 fatty acids. This product is distilled to ensure optimal purity‚ and each softgel has a pleasant lemon flavor. Arctic Omega is recognized by healthcare practitioners as a non-concentrated pure oil supplement‚ which has all of its natural constituents left intact. Rosemary...

Boluoke Circulatory Health & Longevity - 120 Caps

$ 167.33

If you suffer from clotting tendencies or poor circulation, Boluoke may help. The enzyme in every Boluoke capsule supports maintaining an optimal environment for healthy circulation.* It is also recommended for people using hormone supplementation or birth control pills. 120 capsules per bottle. How Does Boluoke Work?Boluoke supports a better circulatory balance. It delivers the enzyme lumbrokinase, which has been shown to help...

Boluoke Circulatory Health and Longevity - 60 Caps

$ 92.86

Boluoke is an excellent complementary supplement for supporting healthy circulation. Its effects are supported by human clinical data, and it has been shown to be useful support and well tolerated. Supports healthy circulation. Boluoke is known to support the circulation and characteristics of the blood. It is a promising new tool for those seeking to address heart disease or proactively...

Bremenn Clinical Smooth Serum, 1.7 Ounce

$ 19.95

Bremenn CLN Smooth Serum 1.7oz/50ml will significantly reduce the noticeable lines in your skin for visible, long-term results Breakthrough formula smoothens the appearance of skin instantly With daily use, significantly reduces noticeable lines for visible long term results Get visibly smooth, beautiful skin with Bremenn Clinic's Smooth Serum.

Can-C Lubricant Eye Drops with N-Acetylcarnosine, 2 x 5 ml Vials

$ 39.00

Lubricant Eye Drops with N-Acetylcarnosine contain two 5ml vials of lubricant eye drops with n-acetylcarnosine. This product is NOT recommended for children, so always keep out of the reach of children. Lubricant Eyedrops With Antioxidant N-Acetylcarnosine, Soothing eyes against exposure to sun and wind etc Soothing eyedrops For temporary relief of minor eye irritations Ingredients: Active ingredients Glycerine (lubricant) 1%,...

Chi's Enterprise Asparagus Extract (120 Caps)

$ 45.00

There must be a reason why Asparagus Extract has been, by far and away, our most popular product for the past three years in a row. Our carefully formulated Asparagus Extract is a detoxifying agent extracted from whole, organically grown asparagus. The Pharmacological Research Team at Chi’s Enterprise specifically designed Asparagus Extract to strengthen immunity and the benefit kidney and...

Chi's Enterprise Bamboo Extract, 500mg, 120 caps

$ 40.00

Chi's Enterprise Bamboo Extract, 120 caps. Bamboo Extract is made out of the most nutritious part of the bamboo, containing a complex source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Bamboo is a rich source of silica, a mineral that is found in multiple tissues in the body. Bamboo is almost 70% silica. This mineral is found in teeth and bones,...

Chi's Enterprise Chi Energy 120 caps

$ 40.00

Chi's Enterprise Chi Energy

Chi's Enterprise Chi Happiness - 120 caps, 450mg capsules

$ 35.00

Chi Happiness herbal supplement is used to help alleviate anxiety and depression by increasing serotonin. It contains Anemarrhena aspheloides, Hypericum perforatum, and Lilium brownii. One of the mechanisms of Chi Happiness is inhibiting MAO, thereby may help preventing the breakdown of serotonin. Therefore, Serotonin levels are maintained at a level that induces a happy feeling and reduces food cravings.

Chi's Enterprise Debile - 120 caps

$ 42.99

Naturally maintains normal gallbladder health.

Chi's Enterprise Kidney Chi 350mg,120 caps

$ 40.00

Kidney Chi is an energy tonic that improve kidney, urethra, bladder, and urinary traction functions. Changes urine pH to less than 7. It has been known that urine pH7 and less is optimum for preventing kidney stone formation and dissolving them.

Chi's Enterprise Myomin Plus Capsules, 500mg, 120 Capsules

$ 60.00

Size:120caps/400mg Plus (sensitive formula) Chi's enterprise myomin plus.

Chi's Enterprise Myosteo 120 caps

$ 40.00

Myosteo - 120 capsules

Chi's Enterprise OxyPower 500mg, 120 Capsules

$ 50.00

Respiratory ailments obviously impair lung function, interfering with the body's normal ability to take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Since oxygen is needed for all cells to function, improving lung function is necessary. Oxypower is an herbal formula that is effective for lung congestion. It has an anti-hypoxia and anti-fatigue function. It increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the red...

Chi's Enterprise Pro-Metabolic - 500mg, 120 caps

$ 40.00

Pro-Metabolic - 120 capsules

Chi's Enterprise Slender All - 120 caps, 500mg

$ 30.00

Slender All speeds metabolism and works to remove the excess ADP in the metabolic pathways, providing the calorie burning process.Chitosan is the best fat remover by 51%

Chi's Enterprise Super-X Herbal Supplement, 30 count

$ 135.00

Chi’s Enterprise Super-X Herbal Supplement is a male-specific formula for vitality and healthy aging. This supplement should be taken after eating food. The ingredients in Super-X Herbal Blend Super-X Herbal Blend contains 3 energy-supporting botanicals. These traditional Chinese herbs include Cordyceps Sinensis, Epimedium Brevicornum and Panax Ginseng. Cordyceps Sinensis Cordyceps Sinensis is a fungus, native to China, that grows it’s fruiting...

Chi's Enterprise Vein Lite, 120 count

$ 45.00

Vein Lite improves blood flow by reducing blood viscosity and dissolving blood coagulating factors.;It promotes circulation to all parts of the body, including the eyes and extremities.


$ 39.99

  We've all been there before - bad night's sleep, up early in the morning, long and tiring day at the office. 5 PM comes and you're DONE, there's no two ways about it. When this happens, it can seem nearly impossible to focus on anything or find the motivation to even eat dinner. This happens more and more frequently...

Facial-Flex Ultra Exerciser

$ 44.99

After several clinical studies, Facial-Flex has been found to be safe and effective  as a face, chin and neck exercise device with results that lead to facial rejuvenation and a younger look. Over 1 million Facial-Flex® units have been sold for this purpose. Facial Concepts, Inc. originally developed the product as a facial rehabilitation device to increase oral-motor strength.  The first clinically proven...

Fibrenza Systemic Enzyme 500mg 60 Capsules

$ 39.99

Healthcare professionals worldwide recommend systemic enzymes for their ability to dissolve fibrin, promote natural inflammatory response, and cleanse the body of impurities. Does NOT contain: phthalates, maltodextrin, dairy, wheat, yeast, gluten, fish, magnesium stearate, talc, artificial colors or flavors. Non-GMO

HCP Formulas Fibrenza Systemic Enzyme -- 500 mg - 240 Capsules

$ 129.99

Healthcare professionals worldwide recommend systemic enzymes for their ability to dissolve fibrin, promote natural inflammatory response, and cleanse the body of impurities. Fibrenza is a powerful advanced blend of systemic enzymes utilizing AcidDefenz capsule technology that allows the enzymes to withstand harsh stomach acids, providing maximum systemic benefit. HCP Formulas

Neocutis Bio-Gel Restorative Hydrogel with PSP,1.69 Oz

$ 119.95

Hydrate acne-prone skin with Neocutis BioGel (with PSP). Neocutis Bio-Gel (with PSP) offers the same anti-aging benefits of Bio-Cream for oily and acne-prone skin. This lightweight gel hydrates skin while correcting the signs of aging. The advanced ingredients in this gel diminish fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots while improving skin elasticity. PSP, the key ingredient in Neocutis Bio-Gel is...

Neocutis Bio-Restorative Skin Cream - 1.69 fl oz

$ 114.95

BIO•CREAM Bio-restorative Skin Cream powered by PSP® The first and original skincare cream formulated with patented PSP®, a nourishing protein blend including Human Growth Factors, Interleukins and other Cytokines for state-of-the-art skin revitalization. Nightly use of BIO•CREAM provides the following benefits:* Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Improves skin tone and texture Enhances the appearance of skin...


Neocutis Bio-Serum Bio Restorative Serum - 30 ml , 1 oz bottle

$ 179.95 $ 134.95

BIO•SERUM Bio-restorative Serum powered by PSP® BIO•SERUM is super-charged with an unprecedented amount of PSP® and pro-collagen Amino Acids to help provide faster, more visible results. This exclusive combination of concentrated PSP® with targeted, nutrient rich ingredients work together to promote youthful, firm and supple-looking skin. Daily use of BIO•SERUM provides the following benefits*: Signs of fine lines and wrinkles appear to...

Neocutis Biocream Riche Skin Balm With PSP - 1.69 Fl Oz

$ 114.95

NEOCUTIS Biocream Riche Bio-restorative Skin Balm Fast-absorbing skincare balm delivers skin rejuvenating PSP technology with a powerful blend of moisturizers plus skin-softening Wild Yam extract to help enhance skin’s youthful look and restore radiance. Discovered through years of research in wound healing, PSP, Processed Skin Cell Proteins, is a patented cosmetic ingredient developed by leading Swiss scientists and available exclusively...


Neocutis Hyalis Hydrating Serum 1 Fl Oz

$ 79.95 $ 59.95

HYALIS 1% Hyaluronate Refining Serum Formulated with a high concentration of premium quality hyaluronic acid, Hyalis acts as a “drink of water” for your skin. Skin looks plumper, fuller and the appearance of lines appear smoothed as hydration is quickly replenished. HYALIS helps to*: Smooth and plump skin to minimize the appearance of skin aging. Promote smooth, soft, supple skin...