$ 26.95
  • SonicBrite Cleaner is a non-chlorinated product, that will quickly and effectively clean and deodorize old and new partial and full dentures .
  • SonicBrite Concentrated Denture Cleaner is a great new cleaner and stain remover that will revitalize old dentures , and will keep new full dentures , partials and orthodontic appliances looking fresh and new.
  • SonicBrite has a New Mint formulation in a convenient foil pack .
  • When used according to directions, SonicBrite will not harm the denture base, partial denture metal* or soft reline material.
  • Coffee, tea, tobacco, fruit and iron stains, along with tartar and plaque are removed safely and easily. It is also a fantastic calcium and calculus remover!

Using patented technology, SonicBrite Denture Cleaner cleans and disinfects your full and partial dentures while removing tough stains. It's also great for night guards and retainers. This mint flavored 6 month supply of concentrated denture cleaner comes in easy-to-use individual packets that are great for traveling or for convenient use at home. Safely and effectively remove tartar, calcium, calculus, iron stains and pesky tobacco and coffee stains without damaging your dentures! *Not Recommended for use on partials fabricated from Ticonium Alloy.