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Chi's Enterprise Bamboo Extract, 120 caps. Bamboo Extract is made out of the most nutritious part of the bamboo, containing a complex source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Bamboo is a rich source of silica, a mineral that is found in multiple tissues in the body. Bamboo is almost 70% silica. This mineral is found in teeth and bones, and silica may promote bone formation by playing a role in the absorption and maintenance of calcium levels. Silica is also thought to play a role in the health of skin, hair, and nails. Bamboo has natural antioxidant properties as a result of phenolic compounds like phenolic acids and luteolin flavones. Phenolic acids are compounds found in plant-based foods. Phenolic compounds are essential for the growth and reproduction of plants and are produced as a response for defending injured plants against pathogens. There is some thought that these same protective properties can bring similar benefits when phenolic compounds are consumed.